If you only knew (remix)

December 9, 1979

If you only knew (remix) by OLIVIA
Remixed by World’s End Girlfriend (Katsuhiko Maeda)
Total Time: 08:54
320kbps VBR (20.38MB) | 128kbps VBR (8.84MB)

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[Update: Sept. 13, 2007]
iTunes Japan carries this song as a single (click here to see the item in iTunes) for ¥200. They have it tagged as follows (if you’d like to change it):
Song: If You Only Knew (World’s End Girlfriend Remix)
Artist: Olivia
Album: If you only knew (world’s end girlfriend remix) – Single
Released: July 18, 2007
Genre: J-Pop
However, I will not re-upload the song with these tags because I have not been able to confirm this information elsewhere.



December 9, 1979

NANA BEST is a special compilation album feauturing Anna Tsuchiya and OLIVIA. The first press of the CD+DVD version includes a special NANA mouse pad as well as a “skeleton”-style sleeve package. The best album features five tracks that solely appear on the best album [stand by me, ANARCHY in the U.K., LUCY ~Studio Live Version~, Nothing’s gonna take my love, Recorded Butterflies ~Live Version~]. The DVD features all of the opening and ending sequences used in Nana without credits, as well as four “original animation” clips set to music throughout the show. This album was released one week before the airing of the final episode of the first season of the Nana anime.

Released: March 21, 2007
Oricon Chart: #20
Price: ¥2,500 | ¥3,800
Catalog#: CTCR-14541 | CTCR-14540/B
Label: cutting edge

02.a little pain*
05.Starless Night*
06.黒い涙 (Kuroi Namida)
08.stand by me
09.Shadow of Love*
10.Winter sleep*
12.LUCY ~Studio Live Version~
13.Nothing’s gonna take my love
14.Recorded Butterflies ~Live Version~

DVD Track List
TV Animation NANA Non-telop Opening & Ending Clips
2.a little pain
04.Starless Night
07.stand by me
08.Winter sleep
NANA Original Animation Clips
11.a little pain ~Studio Live~

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OLIVIA inspi’REIRA (TRAPNEST) is Olivia’s third album, which is a special Nana concept album released near the end run of the first series of the NANA anime. The album was released solely in CD+DVD and limited to 50,000 copies. The album was released on the same day as Anna Tsuchiya’s ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES). The album’s DVD features two songs that were performed live by Olivia at the Nana Special Street Live at Shinjuku Station Square, as well as a special TRAPNEST animation set to ‘a little pain’. There are also two bonus features on the album, a subscription ticket to go to the special Nana Premium Live at the Shibuya-AX in Tokyo, and also a special message from NANA author Yazawa Ai. The first press of the album features a TRAPNEST original poster. The song ‘Winter sleep’ was used as the fourth ending theme song to the NANA anime (for the 43rd and 44th episodes).

Released: February 28, 2007
Oricon Chart: #24
Price: ¥3,000
Catalog#: CTCR-14536
Label: cutting edge

01. a little pain
02. Wish
03. Starless Night
04. Shadow of Love
05. Tell me
06. Rock you
07. Winter sleep
08. Recorded Butterflies -Studio Live-
09. Wish -Live-
10. a little pain -Studio Live-

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The Cloudy Dreamer

December 9, 1979

The Cloudy Dreamer is OLIVIA’s fifth mini-album, and her first album since the end of her hiatus. This mini-album was first set to be released on November 15, 2006, but the release was postponed. Jeffrey Lufkin once again contributes to several tracks on this album. ‘Stars shining out’ is a new song that OLIVIA first performed live on the third concert in her Chocolate & Confusion tour.

Released: 2007 January 17
Oricon Chart: #15
Price: ¥2,000 (CD) | ¥2,500 (CD+DVD)
Catalog#: CTC1-14511 (CD) | CTCR-14510 (CD+DVD)
Label: cutting edge

01. If you only knew
02. Stars shining out
03. Dream Catcher
04. Who’s gonna stop it?
05. Cloudy world
06. Cut me free
07. Wish (English ver.)
08. a little pain

DVD Track List
01. Stars shining out PV
02. let go (Live at Shibuya O-WEST 25th July 2006)
03. Alone in our Castle (Live at Shibuya O-WEST 25th July 2006)
04. a little pain (Live at Shibuya O-WEST 25th July 2006)
05. Devil’s in me (Live at Shibuya O-WEST 25th July 2006)
06. SpidERSpins (Live at Shibuya O-WEST 25th July 2006)

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Wish / Starless Night

December 9, 1979

Wish / Starless Night is Olivia’s 10th single. It is the second single of Olivia’s to be released under the name OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST). Wish was used as the second opening theme song to the anime adaption of NANA. Similarly, Starless Night was used as the second ending theme song for NANA. The DVD includes a special 90 second Trapnest animated sequence drawn by the team who draws NANA, set to Wish. The music video for Wish was directed by veteran music video director Inoue Tetsuo. To date, this is Olivia’s highest debuting single, reaching #7 in the Oricon weekly charts.

Released: 2006 October 11
Oricon Chart: #7
Price: ¥1,050 (CD) | ¥1,680 (CD+DVD)
Catalog#: CTCR-40246 (CD) | CTCR-40245 (CD+DVD)
Label: cutting edge

01. Wish
02. Starless Night
03. Close your eyes

DVD Track List
01. Wish music clip
02. Wish TRAPNEST original animation clip (90 seconds ver.)

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a little pain

December 9, 1979

a little pain is OLIVIA’s 9th single. It is the first single after her hiatus since The Lost Lolli in 2004, and is her first Japanese language release since the single Into The Stars in 2002. The song was used as the ending theme song to the anime adaption of the manga NANA and was inspired by the pop band TRAPNEST that features in the series. The first press of the CD+DVD version of the single included a logo sticker, while the first press of the CD only version included a double jacket sticker. The song was originally written in English before changing the lyrics to Japanese.

Released: 2006 June 28
Oricon Chart: #8
Price: ¥1,050 (CD) | ¥1,680 (CD+DVD)
Catalog#: CTCR-40238 (CD) | CTCR-40237 (CD+DVD)
Label: cutting edge

01. a little pain
02. tears & rainbows
03. let go

DVD Track List
01. a little pain

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The Lost Lolli

December 9, 1979

The Lost Lolli is OLIVIA’s second album, and is a compilation of the material featured on her four mini-albums throughout 2003 and her two post synchronicity singles. The album features two new songs as well as two re-arrangements. SpidERSpins (Lost Lolli Mix) was used as a radio single for this release. The entire album was sung in English. There were two versions of this album; the standard version as well as a first press edition sold exclusively at Tower Records. This album reached #111 in Oricon charts and charted for two weeks.

Released: 2004 February 18
Oricon Chart: #111
Price: ¥3,059
Catalog#: CTCR-14326
Label: cutting edge

01. Alone in our Castle
02. Fake Flowers
03. Blind Unicorn
04. Devil’s In Me
05. Celestial Delinquent
06. Space Halo
07. SpidERSpins (Lost Lolli Mix)
08. 026unconscious333
09. Under Your Waves
10. Dreamcamp
11. Denial
12. Sea me (English ver.)
13. Into the Stars (Live Arrangement Version)

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The Return of the Chlorophyll Bunny is OLIVIA’s fourth mini-album, and is sung entirely in English. The songs on this release were all made as a co-operative work between OLIVIA and her brother, Jeffrey Lufkin. OLIVIA worked on the vocals, lyrics and co-composed the music, whereas Jeffrey played all of the instruments featured on the album, co-composed the music and featured as a rapper in Skip to a little #. This mini-album retailed solely at Tower Records in Japan.

Released: 2003 December 03
Tower Records: N/A
Price: ¥1,575
Catalog#: CTC1-14286
Label: cutting edge

01. Dreamcamp
02. Skip to a little #
03. Purple Box
04. Under Your Waves
05. Space Halo

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Comatose Bunny Butcher

December 9, 1979

Comatose Bunny Butcher is OLIVIA’s third mini-album, and is sung entirely in English. It features Jeffrey Lufkin on most of the album; performing instruments, helping with song composition and occasionally giving backup vocals.

Released: 2003 September 12
Tower Records: N/A
Price: ¥1,575
Catalog#: CTC1-14271
Label: cutting edge

01. Celestial Delinquent
02. 026unconscious333
03. 57StoRM03
04. Devil’s in Me
05. Bliss Forest

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Merry&Hell Go Round

December 9, 1979

Merry & Hell Go Round is OLIVIA’s second mini-album, and is sung entirely in English. It features all new songs, contrasting from the English covers of older songs that were released on her former mini-album, Internal Bleeding Strawberry.

Released: 2003 June 27
Tower Records: N/A
Price: ¥1,575
Catalog#: CTC1-14270
Label: cutting edge

01. SpidER Spins
02. Denial
03. Blind Unicorn
04. Cupid
05. Sugarbloodsuckers

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